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Dear applicants, Immigraffaires ensures that the information sent via this form will be treated confidentially. It will only be shared with a potential employer and always with your permission. It will be inserted into our candidate database and will be used from time to time while one of our employers is interested in your qualifications or your profile. If the employer offered an interview, then you will be contacted;.

We believe that hiring a foreign worker must be done ethically and in accordance with Canadian immigration policies. That is why we are acting to minimize the costs for the foreign applicants. Please note that it is free to send us this form and that no recruitment or administration fees will be required in advance in order to process your application.

Immigraffaires, as an international recruitment agency, does not offer jobs to candidates wishing to work in Canada. It only matches candidates and employers. We have the services of an in-house lawyer to quickly and efficiently complete immigration formalities and procedures. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the immigration process will inevitably be successful, that an employer will choose your application, or that your request for work will inevitably lead to employment. Only applicants who meet the requirements of a job in high demand or those for whom an employer has shown interest will be contacted after receiving this form. Time may elapse between sending the form and a first contact, as candidates are contacted as needed.

We invite you to inform us as much as possible so that we can count on a quality file thus increasing the chances of success of your application.

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